Photo of the Day- 05january2009


First Day of 27th Grade.

Today was my first day back at UTC. I am now a non-trad student. That’s a nice way of saying “the old guy in your class”.

The first thing I learned: Lunch boxes have shrunk a lot since the last time I was in school.

The second thing I learned:  I might need to shave my beard so people quit looking at me like I’m old. And maybe get rid of my rolling backpack.

Just kidding!

But it is weird to be back at school again. For those who have known me for a while know that I have been to school a lot. Most of you think I should probably have a masters or doctrate by now, and maybe I should, but those things take longer when you switch your major as much as I do. I am going to school to be a Renaissance Man not an Accountant.

They won’t let you play with all the cool equipment in all those cool classes unless you tell them that’s your major.

“Why am I using the electron microscope on your cat??…. because I am a chemistry major with a focus on research, most likely in veterinary bio-chemical medicine but also with fire. I want to also research fire.”

Which is how I got to play with the flame thrower.

Anyway, I am back at UTC and I look forward to the experience, although hopefully I will be finished before I become the old guy who sits up front and asks ridiculous questions with obvious answers.

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