Photo of the Day- 08january2009


Mac-n-Cheese and Fish Sticks

If I were to ever join one of those dating websites I would probably answer the “What’s your favorite meal?” question with “steak and shrimp” but it is really mac-n-cheese and fish sticks.

I don’t know if it was growing up poor, or continuing to be poor as an adult, but I LOVE mac-n-cheese and fish sticks. And not the fancy mac-n-cheese but the good old fashioned cheap mac-n-cheese with that little bag of powdered cheese.

I had this for dinner tonight, it was delicious. I used one of those plastic sectional plates. I put mac-n-cheese in the biggest section and fish sticks in the middle sized one. I put ketchup in the last section, not because I dip fish sticks in ketchup but because there was another section and I figured it added a little color.

You might also notice that I put pepper on my mac-n-cheese. That started a few years ago when I had a set of pots and pans that used to have a stick-proof coating that seemed to stick to the food I was cooking. I put the pepper on so that I wouldn’t be so nervous about ingesting little specks of teflon, and now, years after those pots and pans, I just like the taste of mac-n-cheese with pepper.

And a little side note about fish sticks…

On the box it says “do not refreeze”. That always makes me laugh because it insinuates that someone would cook the fish sticks, eat until his heart is content, but still have some leftover. Then he thinks about it, thinks about putting them in some tupperware and putting them in the fridge and eating them tomorrow, but then thinks about his schedule and realizes that for whatever reason, he’s too busy, he’s going out of town, he has plans every night for the next week, whatever, that he is not gonna be able to eat the tupperware container full of leftover fish sticks so he decides, not wanting to throw them away, that he is gonna just refreeze them and eat them in a couple of weeks.

But he can’t… because the box clearly warns “do not refreeze”.

Anyway, I probably won’t ever join one of those dating websites, but my favorite meal is mac-n-cheese and fish sticks and one day, dating website or not, I hope to find a girl -“the one”- go on lots of fun dates, fall in love and share with her my love of this meal and then eventually cook it for her and prepare the table to eat by candle light, and then, seeing her face as she comes into the room laughing, decide to let her culture me like she always says she wants to. I’ll go put on that suit I never wear, she’ll go home and dig to the back of her closet, find that bride’s maid dress she thought she would never get to wear again and I’ll take her out for a nice steak and shrimp dinner.

Just before I slip out my front door to go pick her up, I’ll glance over to dining room and see the fish sticks just sitting there, and hand on the doorknob, not wanting to let good food go to waste because I grew up poor, or because I continued to be poor as an adult, I’ll walk into the kitchen, grab some tupperware and, throwing caution to the wind, I’ll refreeze those fish sticks to eat in a couple of weeks when my life slows back down a bit.

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 08january2009”

  1. Liza Says:

    I love it! This post made me happy.

  2. Nancy J. Reed Says:

    Please . . . more of ‘guy who grew up poor’. Love your honest, no pretense humor. Thanks, I needed it . . . especially today.

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