Photo of the Day- 12january2009


Like The Old Saying Goes…

When one door closes, Jack Bauer blows a hole in the wall.

Tonight was part two of the 4 hour premiere of Season 7 of 24.

And already Jack Bauer has already punched everybody and your momma in the face! I can’t wait to see how the season continues. And before all you naysayers try to ruin this for me, let me go ahead and answer some of your questions, the same questions and concerns you have every year.

Q: When does Jack go to the bathroom?

A: He goes to the bathroom during the commercials just like we do.

Q: Why does he never run out of bullets?

A: He was a boyscout and is, per his pledge, always prepared.

Q: How does he go without sleep for so long?

A: 5 Hour Energy Drinks. Hours of energy now, no crash later. Sugar Free with Zero Carbs and only 4 calories.

Q: How does his cell phone never go dead?

A: Because he is too busy to play tetris. If you were a little busier your cell phone battery would last longer, too!

Anyway, I know you guys have more questions but I am currently trying to watch the show and all this pausing the dvr and explaining to you what should be obvious is really interrupting my “real time” experience.

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