Photo of the Day- 13january2009


This is the Dilly-Oh!

Today after staff meeting I got to choose where we ate. I chose the Picadilly. I LOVE the Picadilly. I am pretty much always the youngest person eating there by choice, but I don’t care, I LOVE the Picadilly.

I love the meat and veggies, I love the random “salads”, and I LOVE the people!

For example, a woman with a mustache took this picture for us.

And the people who work there… they are too fun! Today Mrs. Anna was our salad cooker. She cooked me a seafood salad. Well, she didn’t cook it, but she did set it out for me approximately 15-20 minutes before we got there.

And here is my favorite picture from our Picadilly lunch.






Look at the sticker closely.

“What’s dessert without the shrimp?”

I asked Mrs Anna if that meant we were supposed to add shrimp around the edge of the chocolate cake. She said yes. Now THAT is commitment to the add-on shrimp promotion.

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 13january2009”

  1. John Says:

    You would’ve been proud to have had that lady’s mustache….

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