Photo of the Day- 14january2009

Goodness Gracious, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!

Today I got bitten by a bird.

It’s true. You don’t get to say that much, but a bird BIT me today. His name is Beethoven. He is a cockatiel and he lives at the East Ridge Retirement Center.


The Senior Adult Gospel Choir and I went there to sing. Actually I went there to play the Wii but they made sing before they let me Wii bowl.

So I sang. And I played the piano. I played it Jerry Lee Lewis style…


That’s me playing it with my foot. It was a big hit. Moreso than my singing.

Actually, several folks remembered me from when I came and spoke for their Sunday service a few months back. I taught on “Three Rules for Working Smart”. Yeah, “working smart”…. at a retirement center. (read about it HERE)

When I was there a few months ago, I also led the music (which was an absolute DISASTER!!… it was really, really bad) but I tried not to let them talk about that.

Today went way better, we sang great! (not me, I was still pretty awful, but there were lots of others to drown me out.) We had a blast and promised to come back soon.

I said, “Oh, we would love to come sing for you any time.” And Mrs Ruth said, “Oh, thanks sweetie, but you don’t have to sing for us…”

I’m not sure the sarcasm comes across here in writing, but trust me, it was there. It was fairly casual, I didn’t pick up on it at first. Which is too bad because once you know the sarcasm is there, “Oh, no, go ahead… put your finger in there, that bird is as nice as a lamb” is interpreted very differently.

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