Church Directory Picture

Sometimes I add weird codes to my posts, not because I am really smart, but because I am really, uhh… not smart. Anyway, these codes sometimes make things better, and sometimes these codes make things, uhh… not better.

It has been brought’n to my attention that 15January2009 was one of those days and that some of you did not get the Church Directory Picture Post in your email subscription. Actually you didn’t get the rest of the Jesco White Post either… sorry. It just kinda cut it off right where I placed in the weird code.

I would like to say that I was trying to do something really cool and it was awesome but that it just didn’t get sent properly via email but we both know that is not true, so I guess I will just say it and both of us will know that is a lie.

Soooo, because I am both awesome and not awesome at the same time, both usually unintentionally, I am going to post links to those posts below:



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