Photo of the Day- 16january2009

The Mickey Mouse Club Party (Rehearsal)

Today Lori and I went up to Candace and Sean’s house for “dress rehearsal”. Somehow we are playing the parts of Mickey and Minnie Mouse at William’s 6th Birthday Party Sunday afternoon.

And by “somehow” I mean because our lives are more awesomer than yours!

Anyway, today we tried on the costumes to make sure they were going to fit plus I think Candace wanted to expose us to the lice and asbestos in the costumes over a couple of sittings.

Before I show you the Photo of the Day… which is actually 3 photos and 2 videos, I would like to show you 2 parts of my outfit.

Part 1) “Tights”

Apparently Mickey Mouse wears black tights. I did not know this when I agreed to play the part but it was a little too late to back out. Plus I guess it wasn’t gonna be too bad, they had a new pair of tights for me…


WHOOOOAAAA!!!! Wait, just a minute… that’s not “tights”… that’s panty hose. Look at the WOMEN on the package.

You OWE ME Candace.

Another thing I thought was odd, peculiar, funny, something I will refer to as “2” was…

2) Notice the shirt they have for Mickey to wear…


I started to make fun of it until  I realized that I wore a “I Am Kevin” shirt for The Kevin Show. Still, seems a little weird.

Anyway, here is a picture of me in the costume…


Notice my clothes in a pile by my feet. Just under my sweater is my dignity.

I’m wearing a GINORMOUS mouse head and panty hose… You OWE ME Candace.

Here is Lori dressed as Minnie…


It took her approximately 37 minutes to get all this on. Two thumbs and one ear UP!

You OWE HER Candace.

Here’s us together…



Why would we do this you might wonder…

Well, there just happens to be a sideways video stating why…


And here is a video of us goofing off.

SETUP: Our dressing room was Sean’s workout room so I thought I should work out.

I’m doing the voices of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse because Lori hadn’t had a chance to practice her Minnie Mouse voice, although she did agree to be in the video and do the hand motions to whatever I said.

Looking back I missed I prime opportunity to get her to do the YMCA dressed as Minnie Mouse.

(I think I forgot to switch to a more girlier girlie mouse voice.)

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 16january2009”

  1. Sean Hanzelik Says:

    I actually say this with all due respect, sincerity, and endearment, but you truly are an idiot!!

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