Photo of the Day- 17january2009


Comida Mexicana de Hombres

Translated, that is Manly Mexican Meal.

I went grocery shopping today. Actually, I just went in for bread and somehow I ended up spending $52. I got some good stuff though…considering. I was trying to buy a lot of low calorie foods because I am doing the Biggest Loser at work.

I got some chocolate flavored rice cakes as treats and some frozen stuff for meals. I got different brands and different meals. One meal I got was this Hungry Man Mexican Style Fiesta.

It was only about 600 calories and was nearly twice the food of the Lean Cuisine. It even came with Cocada Pudding! Because we all know that after a good hearty Mexican meal, you just have to have Cocada Pudding!

NOTE: Despite the pressure from the picture on the box to eat the Hungry Man Mexican Style Fiesta on a real plate, I ate it directly from the (probably) toxic plastic tray it came in.

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