Photo of the Day- 18january2009


Hotdog Hotdog Hot Diggity Dog!

Today Lori and I played Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at William’s 6th Birthday because we are, by far, the greatest friends a girl could ever have. The girl referenced is Candace… who owes us BIG TIME!

This is a group shot of us and the kids, that’s me and Lori in the back giving the thumbs up. That kid in the front… yeah, I don’t think he is giving the thumbs up.

Anyway, Lori and I, despite the HUGE risk of getting lice and hepatitis and any number of other make-your-skin-fall-off diseases, spent an hour dancing the dance, doing the voices, and taking the pictures. Here is a picture of us doing the dance. (and by “the dance” of course I mean the Hotdog Hotdog Hot Diggity Dog dance.)


We practiced this dance. A lot. Thank you YouTube.

Before this weekend we had never heard of it (or even knew that kids cared about Mickey and Minnie Mouse anymore) but after hours of practice we got it down pretty good if I do say so myself! Unfortunately the kids were still in shock that Mickey and Minnie had actually showed up at their party so they weren’t dancing along.


But THIS guy was!

That’s William’s grandpa. He was really into it. I had no idea what a HUGE Mickey and Minnie fan he was.

Here is once last picture of Mickey and Minnie skipping away from the house down the road…


By this point I had lost my shoe AND my GINORMOUS head. Luckily the kids were all inside so they have been spared the visual of Mickey Mouse’s head falling off.

And I can’t wrap up without showing you this picture…


“Oh Boy… OH BOY OH BOY…”

(said in Mickey Mouse voice)

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3 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 18january2009”

  1. sister-sledge Says:

    Aww! Robbie would’ve LOVED that!! He loves the Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog song!! It’s so catchy isn’t it. I bet you have it stuck in your head right now! Hey, I have an idea, maybe you and Lori could re-inact the little dance for him (in full costume, of course) next time we visit. Whatta ya say?! Hmm? It’d be BIG FUN!!!! :-)

  2. Brooke Says:

    Avery likes to watch Mickey sing that song on Mickey’s Clubhouse! It is the “new” Mickey Mouse!

  3. Photo of the Day- 23january2009 « Says:

    […] Tonight Lori and I ate up at the Carlton’s. It was the first of four homecooked dinners Candace and Sean are making for us as payment for dressing up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse last Sunday for William’s 6th birthday. […]

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