Photo of the Day- 23january2009- BONUS

NOTE: This is a BONUS Feature of POD 23january2009, READ THIS POST FIRST.

When we first got up to Sean and Candace’s Lucas was just about ready for dinner. I called dibs and was able to feed him.


I’m taking this time to practice my old people jokes on him. (babies and old people have much the same sense of humor)

Later, Lori was dancing with him as if she were on a date with Vern Troyer…



This might be funnier if you know that Vern Troyer is Mini Me on Austin Powers.

Later, after the CONSTANT urging of Candace, we played Cranium.

Lori and I had never played, but Candace, who had never played either, insisted it was easy to play and we would definitely have fun.


She then spent the next 45 minutes making Sean, who was the only person who had played it before, explain the rules of the game over and over and over and over again.

35 minutes in I am pretty sure he started making up rules.


Like “Eyes Closed Pictionary”.

And even the games that weren’t made up by Sean like “Sculpturade” where you had to sculpt a clue out of Play Doh  had ridiculous clues.

Like “Humpty Dumpty.”


Yup… looks like Humpty Dumpty to me.

I missed that by the way… even with the hint “character”.

I guessed “rock” and “stonehenge” because 1) I thought it looked like a stone, and 2) I completely forgot my hint of “character”.

Anyway, the Carltons beat us, 4 times. As the most ubercompetitive team possible, we somehow tricked them into redoing the last question because of a “technicality.” 4 times.

They, to their credit, got it every single time.

And because we were playing “loser feeds the baby,” I feed Lucas again. This time I spent the time playing “Man in the Mirror,” a game that Sean convinced Candace was actually an option on Cranium.


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