Photo of the Day- 24january2009


Dinner at the Baileys.

Tonight I had dinner at THE Baileys.

This is a big deal, and you should be jealous. From Left to Right: Tom, Teri, Willie, Amos, Becca, Kevin K Lewis, Jessie, and Megan. Not Pictured: Mr Cat Bailey.

“Dinner with the Baileys”… It is the very first thing I wrote down in my DayPlanner when I got it. I’m still not very good at using my DayPlanner and I had to remember it the old fashioned way anyway, but it was in there because, like I said, it was a big deal.

The Plan: Dinner and etc.

Dinner included steak and chicken and vegetables and sweet potatoes. I should mention my sweet potato was yellow. It was. Seriously, it was yellow. Willie’s was orange, and mine was yellow.

My Sweet Potato:


Willie’s Potato:


The main difference was that mine was yellow, and possibly full of poison. I decided if this night, this dinner, this… Dinner with the Baileys… was all an excuse to poison me, a steak dinner might just be the new way I’d like to go.

Turns out that the yellow sweet potato was not filled with poison but instead full of awesome, which helps to explain the rest of the evening.

After dinner we had desserts. Yeah… desserts. Plural. We had apple pie and ice cream AND oreo cheesecake. Yeah, delicious.

Then, filled with steaky goodness and cheesecake deliciousness we decided to have a pineapple relay race.

How did this happen, you ask. Well, like this:

We had a pineapple. We had 4 guys and 4 girls. It is logical we would have a pineapple relay in the living room.

Girls Team: Becca Bailey, Megan Bailey, Jessie Bailey, and Teri Bailey

Guys Team: Will Bailey, Amos Bailey, Tom Bailey, and Kevin K Lewis

RULES: Must race with pineapple balanced on your head towards teammate across the living room. Touch foreheads, transfer pineapple and race towards your teammate across the living room.


NOTE: We did not have two pineapples so the Guys Team used a bag of frozen vegetables.

Also watch Becca… she is a cheater.

The rest of the night was filled with just as much awesomeness, but I figure if I show you pictures from Spider or The Stacker Game or from Disney Scene It, you wouldn’t get it and it would never measure up to the Great Pineapple Race of 2009.

So I am gonna go off like a rock star, I am gonna just drop the keyboard and walk of—-…

(I wasn’t quite sure how to simulate that, but the “of—…” was my attempt at dropping the keyboard and walking off… like a rock sta…”

(I did it again.)

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