Photo of the Day- 25january2009


Nice to Know the Kids are Listening.

That’s Chandler, he made me and Brad a gift during Sunday School.  It’s nice to know the kids are paying attention while we are teaching. Today we were teaching about procrastination. We had several good illustrations and we played a game that illustrated our point very well.

But after class Chandler came to us with this gift he made during class.

It was all stapled together and our names were on it. We opened it…


…and inside were two books. There was The Brad Book and The Kevin Book. On the front of each was a picture of us.

Inside The Kevin Book were five pages. On the first page:

“Kevin is Funny.”

On the second page:

“Kevin is Weird.”

On the third page:

“Kevin is Short.”

On the fourth page:

“Kevin is Young.”

On the fifth page:

“Kevin is Bald.”

It was not my favorite book I’ve read lately. I asked Chandler why he made the book during class instead of listening to the lesson. He made this face…


and said, “I was gonna do this at home but I didn’t want to procrastinate.”

Nice to Know the Kids are Listening.

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