Photo of the Day- 28january2009


LOST Time.

Tonight at church my brand new 9 dollar watch was broken.

It made me very upset because I had just synced it with the NASA space clock.  I’m not an astronaut but I do think being on time is important. Even more important, at least lately, the “date display” on the watch included the year. Which normally wouldn’t make that big of a difference, but this season of LOST has made me ask more than once….

WHEN am I???

LOST is crazy! LOST is unpredictable! LOST is spiraling out of control through the space/time continuum. LOST. Is. Blowing. My. Mind.

Seriously, tonight it blew my face into many, many, many tiny pieces.


Artist Rendering

And yes, I DO watch LOST in a white tux with a black bow tie.

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