Photo of the Day- 31january2009

“Who Would Play You in Your Lifetime Movie?”

I don’t know if you have ever considered this, but tonight Lori and I did. For about 3 hours.

I wanted to go watch Midget Wrestling. Mexican Luchador Midget Wrestling but Lori, even after I showed her an amazing YouTube video wouldn’t go for it, she wanted to get something to eat. So we compromised: Fajitas at Amigo Mexican Restaurant.

During our dinner conversation Lori posed the question: “Soooo, who do you think would play you in your Lifetime movie?”

A question most people after thinking about it for 30 seconds would answer, “I don’t know, maybe Brad Pitt.” and then move on. Yeah, so we spent the next 3 hours brainstorming over it.

It all came about because she had gone to some Tacky Ball thing at her church Friday night and at her table were those TGI Fridays’ sugar packet questions like “If you won the lottery what’s the first thing you would buy?” and “If you could have any job what would it be?” and “If gravity were real, how would it change your life?” Questions just meant to keep the conversation going.

It killed our conversation momentum.

We take things like this very seriously, so for the rest of the dinner we were pretty much quiet except in moments we were throwing out suggestions for each other: “Kate Hudson… what do you think about Kate Hudson…”

“Noooo… well, maybe, but I don’t think she’d be in my Top 3.”

— thinking —

“Steve Carrel, what about Steve, he would be good for you.”

“Nooo… his nose just isn’t right.”

And then the quiet would be back on and we would be running through names of actors and actresses in our heads.


When we got back to Lori’s house she got on the computer and with the help of and Google we pretty much cast our whole movie down to Andy Griffith playing Ralph, my elementary school’s janitor.

Here are some of the highlights starting with our top 3’s for playing us.


1) Sandra Bullock

2) Lauren Graham

3) Ellen Page (girl from Juno)


4) Rachel McAdams (she cheated and changed her Top 3 to a Top 4)


1) Tom Cavanaugh (from Ed)

2)  Jason Bateman

3) Me (I want to play myself for 2 reasons and they are both because I want to kiss Sandra Bullock on the mouth.)

and now for the supporting cast, in no particular order.

My Dad: Tom Selleck

My Granny: Angela Lansbury

My Mom: Marie Osmond

Lori’s Mom: Sally Field

Lori’s Aunt Gaye: Jane Fonda

Lori’s Cousin Ashley: Miley Cyrus

My Sister: Reese Witherspoon

Kent Davis: Tim McGraw

Julie Davis: Faith Hill

My Pastor Brother Bill: Burt Reynolds

Joel P Reynolds: Jack Black

Lori’s Uncle Les: Will Ferrell

My Grandma: Cloris Leachman

Candace Garrison Carlton: Christina Applegate

Chad Poe: Kevin James

Ridgedale Paptist Youth Group: The Cast of High School Musical

David Apps (church administrator and my boss): Chuck Norris

Tony Leonard: Charles Barkley

Matt Rector: Steven Seagal

Stephanie Rector: The woman who is married to Steven Seagal at the time of filming the movie

The lady who gets hit by a bus: Oprah Winfrey

4th grade Me: John Lemons

4th grade Holly Lightfoot: Dakota Fanning

My Across the Street Neighbor Who Stares at Me Through His Blinds: Wilson from Home Improvement

My Mailman: Cliff from Cheers

Jeremy Higdon: Russell Crowe

NOTE: I could go on all day with this but I really have work to do so I won’t. This, OF COURSE, will be ever expanding, so check back.

OF COURSE I would love to see what you think about the choices so far, and even more fun, Who would play YOU in your Lifetime movie???

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 31january2009”

  1. Sean Hanzelik Says:

    I feel pretty certain he would play you in your movie — for several obvious reasons (i.e. read the text to the right of the picture)

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