Photo of the Day- 07february2009

Mobile Home.


Today I had linner with my mom. That’s like brunch except instead of being a combination of breakfast and lunch it is a combination of lunch and dinner. Feel free to incorporate that into your lexicon.

Anyway, tonight I had linner with my mom and it was a lot of fun. We talked about what life is gonna be like when I am President. She actually asked me if there were any dark secrets in my past that we need to be ready to spin. As we brainstormed we decided that we would just kill anyone who had any deep dark secrets on me.

It sounds extreme but such is politics. We’re gonna start now so it doesn’t look suspicious when half the people I know end up dead.

Anyway, she also had some pictures on her camera she had been wanting to send me but she had forgotten how.

They are from her trip to Texas last week, it seems I have corrupted her because now she is always on the look out for “Photo of the Day” quality pictures. She called me from Alabama 3 times to tell me about different instances where she believed she had Photo of the Day worthy material.

One was a large group of Amish people at a truck stop from Pennsylvania who were traveling to Florida. I asked her if they were in a bunch of horse and buggies and she said no, they were in a charter bus. I told her she definitely needed to take a picture, but she was worried that if she took their picture she would steal their souls.

I explained to her that was Native Americans, and that was only if you used a Polaroid camera.

She chickened out and didn’t get a picture.

She called me back about 30 minutes later and said, “I swear every time I go through Alabama they are always moving houses on the freeway.”

She took a picture:


I expected her to be upset because they were going 20 miles per hour and were taking up the whole road but she said it was just the opposite. He was driving really fast and recklessly.

She took a picture of her speedometer…


She was going 80 and got passed by a house. A HOUSE.

Well, half a house.

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