I’m Sorry You Couldn’t Be Here Tonight

Special Thanks to John Lemons for bringing this to my attention.

Last night Joaquin Phoenix was on The Late Show with David Letterman.

If you don’t know who Joaquin is, here was in Walk The Line and Signs and The Village and Gladiator.

Here is a picture of him…



Now… well, he looks different. And acts different. It was the most awkward interview in the history of interviews. It was awesome. It is so funny.

Joaquin Phoenix was completely out of it. And deadpan.

David Letterman was hilarious. Spot on.

It is definitely worth your time. Pop some popcorn… or pop some acid… depending on who you want to understand and sit back and enjoy!

Popcorn = David Letterman
Acid = Joaquin Phoenix

Okay…. ENJOY!!!!

UPDATE: CBS contacted YouTube and made them remove the video and posted a “highlight” video on CBS.com so we have to go to their site.


But thus is life, so I have edited and added that link instead. I cannot imbed it so just click on the picture of the kid crying over CBS’s decision to make YouTube remove the FULL video below to watch it.

NOTE: The “highlight” video is still DEFINITELY worth your time. (just don’t pop as much corn… or acid.)


Wow…. that was truly one of the most awkward interviews ever or one of the best comedy team performances I’ve seen in a long, long time.

I do have sources who tell me Joaquin Phoenix is purposely having a career meltdown and he and a friend are filming it for a documentary movie. He does make me think of Andy Kaufman from back in the day. Your thoughts???

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5 Responses to “I’m Sorry You Couldn’t Be Here Tonight”

  1. John Says:

    I appreciate how you gave credit to me but made it really tiny and in blue so that no one would notice…

  2. kevinthecoolguy Says:

    it’s BLUE…. and it’s at the VERY beginning.

    i could make it yellow and GIANT but then the post would be about you instead of jesus. do you really want to make it all about you instead of jesus?

    well, do you?

  3. Joe Says:

    Joaquin likes to take roles as the odd one out, but that works for him as an actor so this interview with Letterman might complement his career

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  5. KevinTheCoolGuy.com Says:

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