Photo of the Day- 11february2009


Sometimes God Doesn’t Work In Mysterious Ways.

Over the last couple of months I have often wished that God would find it in His heart to miraculously intervene in respect to the leaves in my yard.

Today with a storm brewing in Chattanooga the wind was blowing like crazy. I hoped today was the day God was going to blow the leaves from my yard into my neighbor’s yard who is way better at raking than I am.

His name is Ed and he has no leaves in his yard because he really is a very good raker. He has never had any leaves in his yard, I think because he is very proactive.  Sometimes I think he doesn’t even wait for the leaves to fall, I think he might climb up the trees and pluck off the leaves just as they are about to die and tumble to the ground.

The storms came through, the wind blew left, the wind blew right, the wind blew in circles, and the rain fell, it came straight down and sideways, it poured from the sky and simultaneously seemed to shoot up from the ground, but eventually the winds died down, the rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun shone through.

I went by my house to check on the leaves, thinking maybe God had worked in mysterious ways, but when I got there I saw that the leaves hadn’t moved. They were in the same exact spot as they had been.

In my yard.

Which made me realize two things. One, that sometimes God doesn‘t work in mysterious ways, and two, that in addition to being a better raker than me, Ed is apparently a better prayer, too.

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