Photo of the Day- 12february2009

Today I finally took your advice and got my head examined.




Starting with my eyes.


This is a picture courtesy of the eye doctor.

Her name is Dr Conrad and about halfway through the exam, just before she squirted some atrocious yellow goo in my eye, I asked her to take my picture.

She took several and then I showed them to her and asked her which she liked best.


What about this one?

Okay, now how about this one?

Now here is the first one again.

Aaaand the second one again.

A…..? or B…..????


She chose this one… she said it was clearer.

Thanks Doctor Conrad!

The craziest part of  the exam was just after she had determined what my prescription was she said, “Do you watch LOST?”

I said, “Sure, who doesn’t.”

She said, “Yeah, it’d be kind of cool to know your future, huh.”

I said, “Sure.”

She then asked, “Do you want to see your future?”

Thinking maybe she was joking, but not really sure I said, “Yes, definitely.”

She said, “Put your head back up to the device and look straight ahead.”

She then clicked the knob 4 times and there staring straight at me was my FUTURE!!!








NOTE: That is only funny if you know that is my desk. And it probably helps if you know that is Brother Bill, the pastor and my boss.

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 12february2009”

  1. John Says:

    That is actually my secretary’s desk. Are you my secretary? I need you to make some copies for me…

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