Photo of the Day- 13february2009


iPhone Day 2009.

Today, I got an iPhone. It is a monumental day in my life, I have been wanting one for a long time.

I have been putting back a dollar a week every week for 4 years to buy it. I know what you are thinking, The iPhone wasn’t even invented 4 years ago.

I know this, but 4 years ago I looked at my phone, my cheap brick like phone with absolutely NO features and I made a promise right then and there to myself, and my cat, because we were the only two there, that one day I was gonna own a phone that could fly.

Whenever we think of the future we always think things are gonna fly. Like cars, or hover boards, or biologically engineered pigs, or phones. When we look to the future, the future always involves flying. And like I was saying, I made a promise to myself, and to my cat, that one day I was gonna have a flying phone.

Well, that day is today. Today after 4 years of socking away a dollar a week in my cats kangaroo belly pouch, I have enough to purchase my very own iPhone.

In case you haven’t seen the commercials I’ll let you in on a little something…

iPhones are…

You know, I just noticed that when you start a sentence with “iPhone” you have to decide whether or not you capitalize the “i”. Do you write “iPhone” as you would in the middle of the sentence, or do you write “IPhone” because you are capitalizing the first letter in the first word of a sentence the way you always do.

Which for some reason makes me think of the Japanese language. How do you capitalize something in Japanese? Do you just write the character bigger? Do you just draw the little house with a window and a chimney bigger or is there some other way?

Who invented capital letters anyway? Who decided that capital letters were gonna be more important than non-capital letters? I think it was probably a couple of brothers. One invented letters and his mom was so proud of him and the other brother got tired of hearing about it so he “invented” capital letters and made a big deal out of them like they were more important because they were bigger and he starting making sentences start with them, you know as a way to get people to use them even though they were the same letters but just bigger.

He knew he had to give people a reason to use them because people weren’t gonna go out and get all new letters when they already had perfectly good letters at home already.

And then he invented TALKING LOUDLY!

Before capital letters there was no yelling, there was simply talking. People talked pretty much the same all the time. It was as if they all had that voice modulation disorder where their voices were the same intensity all the time.

I think back then yelling was probably like flying. I think everything in the future then involved yelling. For example, people of the future were going to be YELLING, and dogs were going to be BARKING– dogs back then didn’t talk, talking dogs weren’t invented until the mid 20th century, and by then YELLING had become so normal that when someone talked about someone yelling it wasn’t very impressive anymore, kind of annoying really.

Much like flying cars will be one day. One day we will be so bored with flying cars that the mere mention of them will make us yell, which ironically will be back in fashion again because after so long of not using the art of yelling because of the fact that we had become a people so caught up in texting and instant messaging and lol-ing that we had completely dropped the capital letter all together because really, who has the time with all the flying cars to be riding in…

And so today, a day which is so monumental, iPhone Day 2009, a day I looked forward to for so long, a day that was definitely worth the 4 year wait, I begin a new fund, one which will buy something cool in the future, something we all want but few have…


Yup, there’s an App for that.

NOTE: I’m not sure where that came from, I just started writing and all these words came out. I hadn’t planned on talking about flying cars or capital letters, I kinda planned on talking about all the coolness involved in having my new iPhone, but somehow I got going and… oh crap, it’s happening again.
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