Photo of the Day- 14february2009


You Are Loved.

Today was Julie Davis’s birthday. She turned 40. We planned a party to surprise her.

Not surprise her that she was turning 40, she knew that. And “we” didn’t plan the party so much as Lori planned it and told us what we were supposed to do when. She was the mastermind, and she let me help. It was so much fun. We treated like a challenge on The Apprentice.

And it would have been a great episode!

All day Valentine’s Day we were gathering decorations and getting balloons and finalizing everything, and we “baked a cake“…

And the most stressful part was getting stuck in the parking garage at the Bijou Theatre on the way home from dinner for over an hour. OVER AN HOUR!

That’s a big deal because the final preparations were to take place in the 2 hours that Julie and Lori were at a movie. And ONE HOUR of that I spent STUCK in the parking garage.

But it all worked out!

Julie was so surprised, as you can see from the photo, and we had so much fun!

Julie is awesome and if you don’t know her you definitely should!

I will post all the Photos in a Facebook Album and put a link on here.

Dear Julie,

Thank you for being in our lives. Thank you for bringing us into your family. Thank you for having a pool. You Are Loved.


Everyone In The Whole World Ever.

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 14february2009”

  1. Julie Says:

    Nay, nay my friend…thank you!

  2. Twinkie Says:

    The TWINKIE MAC corp. of america regrets to inform you that you will be seeing a LETTER in the hood of your car for the USE of Twinkie products. Twinkies are made to be loved by FRIENDS, thats why they come in 2’s NOT as Cake products…….Thank you For use of TWiNKIE…..Check your Tennis shoes for updates soon……TWINKIE THE KID

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