Photo of the Day- 15february2009


Secretary of You’re Not Famous Anymore.

Today I held a press conference and announced another of my cabinet members, my new Secretary of You’re Not Famous Anymore, John Lemons.

When asked, “How do you, as someone who is not famous, has never been famous think you will handle a job for which you will undoubtedly be famous?” he said, “I can only do what I can do to serve my country while I at this post, it will be up to the next guy to make me unfamous if he sees fit. By the way, Andy Rooney from 60 minutes…. you’re not famous anymore.”

Wow, it’s nice to see him hit the ground running.

Next on the list…

Paris Hilton

Anyone who has ever been on MTV’s Real World.

And Jared from Subway. I mean, why is he famous anyway? Is he really famous for just not being fat anymore?

It was cool a decade ago but he is still famous for this? I have been not fat for 3 times that long and no one makes a big deal out of me.

Jared from Subway… get ready… John’s looking for you because…

You’re Not Famous Anymore.

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 15february2009”

  1. Twinkie Says:

    Isn’t this guy the HAIR CLUB FOR MEN president can he really to the JOB…
    That’s a Plug ( no pun intended) for HAIR CLUB FOR MEN….

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