Photo of the Day- 18february2009


Today I ran out of my CVS brand “Cool Blast” Tylenol Sinus. I could feel myself getting better so I thought I would just mix together what random medicine I had left in a hot cup of Thera Flu in a special concoction I called “Thera What You Talkin’ Bout Flu”

I figured I could get Mr T to be the spokesperson if it worked.

I was disappointed to find out my “Thera What You Talkin’ Bout Flu” already had a name…

Crystal Meth.

Anyway, so I went to church high tonight. I probably shouldn’t have gone but my mom had a rule: “If you don’t go to church you can’t go to Michael’s to watch the A-Team.”

Updated:  “If you don’t go to church you can’t go to Chad’s to watch LOST.”

I wanted to go watch LOST at Chad’s because we are soooo close to figuring out the mystery of the island.

We aren’t really, but I was high on “Thera What You Talkin’ Bout Flu” so I thought we were. When I got to church Tony said he needed me to run the easy worship (words for the songs).

It went well for a while…


Until it didn’t…


So new rule: If you are still sick and you run out of CVS brand “Cool Blast” Tylenol Sinus, don’t mix your random leftover meds from your kitchen cabinets in Thera Flu because it will not make you better, it will only make you high.

And it still tastes like nasty hot lemonade.

But no worries, I WILL get better! I got some new medicine and I’m starting to feel better already!

I Pity Da Flu!

I’m still thinking about getting Mr T as a sponsor …

And here is the BONUS glittery picture of Mr T I promised to all of you guys who made the trip over from Facebook. Enjoy Fool!


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