Photo of the Day- 20february2009


The Fast and The Fury-ious.

That’s Jeremy Higdon, he looks like Russell Crowe. Today I found out Jeremy had an article written about him on True story.

He and his wife Jill coach The Fury, a Gold Level softball team, and run The Fury Fastpitch Academy here in Chattanooga. They are putting on a tournament this summer to showcase players to college coaches. They are kind of a big deal.

Friday was a big day for me, very busy, I hung out with several folks I hadn’t seen in a while, one was a sloppy drunk baby, but I have a rule: If Writes An Article About You, YOU Are Automatically My Photo of the Day.

Congrats, Jeremy, you are a true softball Insider and a Gladiator and are having A Good Year, that’s no Body of Lies, you have A Beautiful Mind.


I got 5 Russell Crowe movies in there, I’m an American Gangster.


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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 20february2009”

  1. Zach Says:

    Wow. Jeremy really is famous on the internet. That’s pretty cool.

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