Photo of the Day- 22february2009

“How embarrassing, we are wearing the same thing…”

That is something you definitely don’t want to hear at The Oscars! What if Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston were wearing the same thing?

Think how embarrassing that would be!

And how confusing that would be for Brad Pitt.

What if Hugh Jackman and Sean Penn wore the same thing?

Okay, that’s not that big of deal, most of the guys at The Oscars are pretty much dressed the same.

But what if Joaquin Phoenix and Ben Stiller came dressed the same?

Wait, that actually happened. It was hilarious. (Click HERE to watch it.)

Today at church we had a couple of those, “How embarrassing, we are wearing the same thing…” moments.

Garret and Matthew had on the same exact sweater.





And Jacob and Andrew were wearing the same shirt and pants…





And what made it even crazier is earlier in the day I went to Kids Worship and you will not believe it…

Ciciley and I were wearing the SAME exact thing.






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