Photo of the Day- 25february2009



Today is the first day of Lent. We aren’t Catholic but once everyone found out that if they were in my Lent picture they could get out of a few minutes of work, they were in!

We are all giving up something.

Kristyl is giving up salads. She has been dieting the last few months (and has lost more than 80 pounds!) and is tired of salads and is giving them up!

David has a couple of 2 year olds and said he is giving up changing diapers. Surprise Michelle!

I am giving up drinking sweet tea. Sweet tea is my favorite, I LOVE sweet tea! It is going to be so hard, but I have a plan.

I am going to inject intravenously.

Bill Mack is giving up… 3 minutes of work. (he never really specified more than that…)

John is giving up meat. Yeah… meat. ALL meat. He is giving up chicken and beef and bacon bits and everything. ALL meat. That sure beats the 3 minutes Bill Mack gave up.

46 days.

That’s how long lent is… 46 days. That’s a long time. Kristyl is not going to have salads, David is off diaper duty, I am off the sweet, sweet juice, Bill Mack gave up 3 minutes, and John is not going to eat delicious beefy beef… for 46 days.

What have we gotten ourselves into???

I actually know a guy who has a computer program where he is able to plug in a photo and a circumstance -today’s Photo of the Day and say 46 days of Lent- and produce a photo of what you might look like after. I called him and here’s what he came up with…



Wow… we look rough.

On the bright side, it looks like John is gonna lose weight.

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