Photo of the Day- 28february2009

When I’m President…

When you go to a concert where everyone stands up the whole time, you will be charged by your height.

For example…

tall people: regular price.

short people: half price.

the really tall guy who ALWAYS stands in front of me: $1000

Seriously, I went to a Johnny Cash Birthday Bash Concert tonight and this guy was in front of me. On a chair.


His name was “Pie”.

Here’s how I found that out:

Pie: Oh, hey am I in your way?

Me: No… well, yes…. a little bit.

Pie: Oh, sorry. Do you want me to get down?

Me: Uhh…

(he got down and we started to talk)

Me: What’s your name?

Pie: Pie.

Me: Guy?

Pie: No, Pie.

Me: Ty?

Pie: No, PIE.

Me: Sy?

Pie: No, PIE. P-I-E. PIE.

Me: Oh, of course, hello PIE.

Pie: What’s your name?

Me: Potato.

He is actually a really nice guy, who just happens to be named “Pie”. We were there to celebrate Johnny Cash’s birthday, which happened to not be tonight. It was Thursday night.

In honor of it not really being Johnny Cash’s birthday, the bands didn’t really play any Johnny Cash songs.

Actually they played 2. Out of the 153 singles he released, they played 2.


Actually, the bands were really good, and they played a lot of different songs by a lot of different guys, some of them they had even written themselves. For example, they sang one called “Happy Birthday Johnny Cash”. It was to the tune of “Walk the Line.”

That’s not true, I made that up.

The bands were seriously really, really good, I don’t know why I keep making jokes about them. One of the bands was fronted by Davey Smith, who is Jason Hooper’s cousin. They reminded me a lot of the Zack Brown Band. They could play almost any song and they had some really good original songs, too.

After standing behind Pie for most of the night, I ended up moving down closer where I had a better position.



Behind THIS guy!


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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 28february2009”

  1. Sarah Says:

    That guys sweater rocks!

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