Photo of the Day- 02march2009

Gold Medal Swimmer

Today was a great day. A busy day. An OLYMPIC sized day!

There was so much going on, so much to do. Tonight I went to the FCA Banquet at the Chattanooga Convention Center. It is a fundraiser for an awesome program in our schools. Plus it included a free chicken dinner.

The speaker tonight was Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer, Josh Davis. Below is a picture of him from the 1996 Olympic Games…


(that’s what pictures looked like back then…)

He won three gold medals that summer in Atlanta. THREE. GOLD MEDALS. Yeah, he was Michael Phelps before being Michael Phelps was cool.

He also won 2 silver medals in Sydney in 2000. (which is 2 more medals than Michael Phelps won, by the way.)

Anyway, he is a really big deal and he was here in Chattanooga tonight. As you know I love the Olympics. Last summer I had to have my appendix removed as a result of a bad case of Olympic Fever.

Needless to say I was very excited to meet three time gold medalist Josh Davis.

My favorite part of the night was when just before Josh came up to speak, they showed his race in 2000 at the US Olympic Trials where he broke the American Record in the 200 meter freestyle. John and I decided to watch the race as if it was happening now. Live. As if we had no idea what was going to happen. In actuality we didn’t really know for sure what was going to happen, but you figure if someone shows a video of a 3 time Olympic gold medal champion, it’s probably not a race where he came in 4th.

Anyway, we were watching it with increased interest and excitement each length of the pool. On the last 50 meter stretch we decided that when he won we were gonna start chanting USA! USA! USA! USA!

As he came to the finish we were clapping and cheering, and by that time the people around us had begun clapping and cheering as well and when he touched the edge of the pool a victor we broke into chant:


It was a beautiful moment. And patriotic.

You’re welcome, Joel Reynolds.

Anyway, Josh spoke and was quite entertaining. He had a great message and was a natural, really connecting with the students and coaches in the crowd as well as the parents and the many community leaders present.

NOTE: I wrote that so that he could put that as a blurb on his website,

But he was a great speaker.

Afterward I wanted to get my picture taken with him. I was super excited, I walked up to him and said, “Josh, can I get my picture with you?”

He said yes of course I could so I said great and reached into my pocket and grabbed my swim goggles.


Just before we took the picture he dubbed me Olympic Champion Kevin K Lewis much the way a King or Queen might Knight someone placing his gold medal around my neck. As John Lemons took the picture he hummed the National Anthem making this my NEW “Proudest Moment in My Life”.

When the photo was over Josh turned to banquet host and WRCB News 3 anchorwoman, Cindy Sexton, who was asking if her daughter Gracie could have a picture with Josh.

I started to walk off when I realized I still had the Olympic Gold Medal around my neck. I walked back over to Josh and Cindy and Gracie and looked at Gracie and said, “Gracie, you are amazing, the best. Here, this is for you…” (and I put the Olympic Gold Medal around her neck and continued) “It’s an Olympic Gold Medal… it’s yours to keep.”

And I walked off.


Photo of the Day Epilogue:

In my search for a photo of Josh at the Olympics for this article I came across his Wikipedia Page. I was appalled to find that the page did not contain a photo of him.

I decided to add today’s Photo of the Day to his Wikipedia Page because every Olympic champion should have a photo on his Wikipedia Page.

But when I tried it said I was not an authorized administrator for that page. So I decided to add it to MY Wikipedia Page instead.


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3 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 02march2009”

  1. John your old boss Says:

    “He also won 2 silver medals in Sydney in 2000. (which is 2 more medals than Michael Phelps won, by the way.)”

    In reality, I think you mean “2 more SILVER medals”, but even that is wrong. Phelps won 6 gold and 2 silver in Athens.

    On another note, the USA chant was sssoooooo Joel Reynolds. He would have been so proud. Perhaps the proudest moment of HIS life.

    • kevinthecoolguy Says:

      john, i meant IN SYDNEY. Michael Phelps won no silver medals in sydney. he was in the sydney olympics, where he came in 5th place in the 200 meter butterfly.

      BOOM! roasted!

  2. Billmac Says:

    curses, rickrolled again! “I’ll get you my pretty, you and your little cat too!” -WWOTW

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