Photo of the Day- 03march2009


Water Weight

So todya I wurked out wiht Tony at The Rush.

Sorry for the misspelled words, I am dictating this to my cat.

It made me laugh that “misspelled” was not misspelled. That a cat could spell “misspelled” and not “wurked” just hit me as funny, which made me laugh, which made my abs ache, which made me jerk, which made my quads hurt, which made me grab for them, which made my triceps hurt, which made me jerk again, which made my delts and neck sting, which made me laugh, which made my abs ache…

Oh look, I know the names of my muscles, Tony would be so proud.

Speaking of Tony, I hate Tony. He invited me to come work out with him at The Rush. He has a “buddy pass” which is ironic to me because I’m pretty sure it is intended for someone you hate.

Anyway, I got there at about 8 and he was already on the bike so I went over to him and got on the bike next to him. I have only worked out about 4 times in my life but in that short time I had already realized I HATE the bike.

So I rode the bike for 40 minutes. 40. Without stopping. It was awful. The best part was the Hall and Oates music video they played on “Rush TV”. It was just like “maneater” without the panther.

After 40 minutes of bike riding I thought we were done… but apparently we were only getting started!

He then proceeded to make me do 3 reps on every machine ever invented by man. I did curls, I did butterflys, I did toepresses… I didn’t even KNOW you could workout your toe muscles!

Anyway, 4 hours later my first workout with Tony was done.

As the day went on my arms got harder and harder to work. It started out just being inconvenient but it has turned into a real life thing. I kind of felt like I had been shot with a tranquilizer dart and giving a tetanus shot at the same time. My arms were really hard to work plus it HURT to work my arms.

They say you should drink a lot of water, it helps you lose weight and become healthier.  I wish the same people would have told me I should get one of those camel backpacks because after a workout with Tony out my arms would become nautilus.

I don’t know what “nautilus” means so I just made it mean useless. It was on some of the machines at the gym today and as far as I can tell, those machines are USELESS!

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 03march2009”

  1. liza Says:

    Just to encourage you, it’s going to be so much worse tomorrow!

  2. Tabitha Says:

    OMG…I am crying, this is just too funny!!!

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