Photo of the Day- 05march2009


I bank at SunTrust, they are really great. I had been with Amsouth ever since I was 16 but the church uses SunTrust and one day a few months ago they came to the church library and sweet-talked me into moving my account over.

And they have been really great.

Today I needed to cash my check. I had been meaning to do it for a week or two and hadn’t done it yet (I just reread that and it makes me sound rich or something… “I had been meaning to…” but I was just so busy swimming in my bathtub of money that I hadn’t made it over. The truth is that I am not rich, I am just really good at being poor (and I have been living almost entirely on Ramen noodles) that I hadn’t made it over yet. But as I am poor, and it had been more than a week, I really needed to cash my check.

Aaaanyway, so I had finally remembered to go by the bank today and I was going to cash my check. I walked in with my check in hand and as I started to walk through the velvet rope maze (even though no one else was in line) and I grabbed my duct tape wallet from my pocket and went to get out my license.

It wasn’t in the spot it normally was so I grabbed out all the cards in that section. I had my check card and my social security card and a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings, but I couldn’t find my license.

The teller said, “Oh, you can come on up, it’s your turn.”

I said, “Well, I can’t find my license.”

She looked at me weird like the next words out of my mouth were going to be…


But I said, “Maybe it’s in my car, I’ll be right back.” And I walked out to my car to look.

I looked in the middle console, I looked in the glove box, and I looked in the pocket on the back of the passenger seat (because I felt I needed to look a third place) but I didn’t find my license.

I really just wanted to deposit my check so I was hoping they would just let me do it. I was hoping I could just say, “Hey, my name is Kevin K Lewis, can you put this is my account… whatever my account number is…”

So I walked back in, duct tape wallet and check in hand. I walked back through the velvet rope maze and walked up to the teller. I said, “I don’t have my license but I just want to put this check in my account.”

I left off the “whatever my account number is…” part because I wanted to appear confident.

The teller looked at me like,  Seriously, are you gonna try to rob this place?

So I kept digging in my wallet trying to find something to give her to prove who I was.

I finally decided to grab this…




and I said, “I have this…” as I pressed my business card up against the window for her to see.

She looked at it… looked at me… looked at it… looked at me and said, “It does look like you.”

“It is me,” I said as I handed it to her through the slot in the glass.

She grabbed it and turned to the manager and said, “Hey can we take this as photo id?”

The manager grabbed it, examined it, and looked at me… looked at it… looked at me… looked at it… looked at the teller and said, “Sure, I think that will work.”

Wow, I love SunTrust, they are so SunTRUSTING!


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