Photo of the Day- 06march2009


Today Michael Johnson, our Minister of Music, had knee surgery. It was supposed to be on Wednesday but it had to be postponed because the cadaver he was getting the tendon transplant from hadn’t died yet.

That was the actual reason I told to a church member on the phone this week.

Which is Reason #219 Why I Should Not Be Allowed To Answer The Phone.

Anyway, today Michael had his surgery. Tony and I went to his house when he got home to help him get situated. When we walked into his dining room I said, “Oh no, while you were gone someone broke in and wrote all over the walls.”




He was really loopy on medication and thought this was hilarious.

We got him settled in and were about to head out when Walgreens called Ruth Ann (Michael’s wife) and told her that there was a problem with how the doctor had written the prescription.

Ruth Ann called the doctor and she said that he would rewrite it.

Tony and I said we would go get it and take it to the Walgreens so we hopped in the Honda and were on our way. When we got to the Walgreens I dropped off the prescription at the pharmacy while he went and got candy. (we felt like we deserved a reward)

When we got to the register Tony noticed there was more candy on the counter with a 75% OFF tag on it. He looked at them and Judy (the cashier) pounced.

“Oh, you guys should get those… they’re delicious.”

“No, we’re good.”

“Oh, no, it’s chocolate covered cashews, it’s really good.”

Tony looked at me and said, “Yeah, okay, I guess I’ll take one.”

“You should get both,” Judy said.

Tony thought about it for a second and grabbed the second box. I commended Judy on her salesmanship as I noticed The ShamWow! on the shelf below the counter.

First of all, the ShamWow!’s are not supposed to be available in stores, and secondly, do you remember the part where he says, “…but you have to call within the next ten minutes because I mean, we can’t do this all day…” talking about the price and the double offer and everything?

Well, apparently they ARE available in stores, and not only that, they are the same EXACT price.

Anyway, Tony and Judy kept talking and Tony ended up buying everything Judy had in her 75% OFF section so I commended her once again on her salesmanship.

I had the ShamWow! box in my hand, looking it over when she said, “Now we just need to find something else to put here.”

I laughed thinking about the infomercial guy and put the ShamWow! box up there and turned to the store and said in my infomercial guy voice, “ShamWow! now 75% OFF, but you have to get them within the next ten minutes because I mean, we can’t do this all day…”




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3 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 06march2009”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I admit it. When I first saw this picture I was jealous because I thought you actually got a ShamWow for 75% off.

  2. coffee Says:

    the guy who hosts the Shamwow commercials is truly inspirational

  3. Brooke Says:

    Drew brought me TWO, that is right TWO, shamwows for valentines! He had to work the home show and he gave the shamwow guy a trigger point massage in exchange for the shamwows! I was SO excited…..I tell him everytime I see the commercial that I want them and NOW I have them! They really are great and they work!

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