Photo of the Day- 11march2009

The Jonas Brothers Game

Hope Poe watches Ellen everyday and it makes all of our lives better. She sees fun games and then we try to duplicate them for the youth group.

Last summer we played the Marshmallow Game, which we stole from Ellen which she stole from a Japanese Gameshow. It turned out great, I dressed in a kimono and got to do my Japanese and Mexican accent. (don’t ask)

A few months ago she played The Jonas Brothers Game. She called it “Your Face Rings A Bell” but we call it The Jonas Brothers Game. We thought that it would be a fun game to play.

Basically what it is is a puzzle of The Jonas Brothers’ faces that you have to put together as fast as you can. She pulled up three guests to play and the winners got tickets to see The Jonas Brothers in concert.

You can watch it below:

Note: The game starts about 4 minutes in, but the first three minutes is her monologue and her explaining the game so it is worth watching if you want.

Anyway, we didn’t think we could get the The Jonas Brothers to come to our youth group, but we still wanted to play The Jonas Brothers Game.

So we used the next best thing…

The Powell Triplets.


They are the coolest. (even though they don’t really look alike)

Tonight we had a RELOAD which is when the Middle Schoolers and the High Schoolers worship together in one GIANT service. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to play The Jonas Brothers Game!

So we spent lots of time getting their pictures blown up into GIANT poster-sized pictures and then we cut them into a puzzle pieces. That’s what the Photo of the Day was yesterday, one of the Powell brothers upside down pictures cut up and lying on a piece of wood we covered in red felt.

To see a picture of Tony wielding a knife, click HERE.

Anyway, we got the game all set up and tonight when the students walked in they saw this:




Kind of like yesterday’s Photo of the Day, they didn’t really know what it was.

So Tony gave me a microphone and I told them.

Note: You should probably never hand me a microphone and say, “Here… talk.”

Anyway, I started introducing the game (we’ll cut out all the time I spent not introducing the game and talking about all kinds of other stuff).

First of all I told them about the Ellen game. I asked them if they watched Ellen and I might have encouraged them to skip school and watch it sometimes.

We popped up a picture of The Jonas Brothers, this picture:




Then I talked about how we wish we could get The Jonas Brothers to come to our youth group, but we couldn’t. Buuut, we did have the next best thing.

The Powell Brothers.

And then we had pictures of them. Their faces on The Jonas Brothers bodies.



Michael Powell



Thomas Powell



Josh Powell


The crowd went WILD!

We didn’t have easels so we thought we would use The Powell Brothers instead. It would serve two purposes. 1) They would be easels. 2) If the teams forgot what the Powell brother puzzle they were putting together was supposed to look like, all they had to do was look up and BOOM! there he would be.

We had three different teams.

1) Middle School Girls

2) High Schoolers (2 girls, 2 guys)

3) The Powell Brothers’ Friends (we figured they knew them best and should rock it out.)

On Your Mark, Two, Get Set, GO!!!!

They were off, The Jonas Brothers Music was blaring and the crowd was cheering.

At first NONE of them were doing very well. Ears were where arms should be, their heads were at the bottom of the felt board, they were not even close.

But I loved the intensity of Team 2 (Powell Brother Friends)




Team 3 (the high schoolers) started coming on strong and ended up winning at the end, and because we are a low budget youth group, instead of winning tickets to see The Jonas Brothers in concert, we gave them tickets to see The Powell Brothers in concert.

The Powell Brothers seemed very excited that they were going to be in a band.

After the service we let The Powell Brothers keep the puzzles of themselves because we figured that’s what Ellen would do in this situation.




And then we DANCED! Because we have the best youth group ever!


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3 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 11march2009”

  1. Jeanine Powell Says:

    This is soooo cool. You guys are the best. My guys (and Steve and I) love you guys. Thank all of you for a great youth ministry.

    • kevinthecoolguy Says:


      and i know people say this all the time, but they really are my favorite triplets of all time!!!

  2. Josh Says:

    and i know people say this all the time, but you really are my favorite kevin.

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