Photo of the Day- 12march2009

Today I went hiking with David, Tony, and Crash on Mowbray Mountain.

We are still training for the Appalachian Trail which is in just a few weeks,  but we also wanted to film a Man vs Wild style video called “Mr Kevin vs Wild” for the Children’s Worship Service.

It is basically an exaggerated farcical take on Bear Grylls. I’ll post it up as soon as it is edited.  (probably early next week)

When we left the church to go up to Mowbray Mountain, I thought we were going on another 4 or 5 mile hike. Turns out that we were going to walk into the woods for 4 or 5 miles, and then walk back out of the woods 4 or 5 miles for a total of about 9 or 10 miles.

Uphill. Over rocks. Through waterfalls. On cliffs. With 1 foot wide trails. With no cell phone coverage.

Plus we were going to be filming a video.

By the end of the day I really did feel like Bear Grylls because we had walked so far and we had been gone so long I thought I was going to have make camp for the night. We didn’t have a lot of food so I thought I really was going to have to find a mountain lion and eat its eyeballs. It was cold and it was going to get colder so I thought I really was going to have to rub two sticks together to start a fire.

I thought I was going to have to spend the night on the trail. I wasn’t worried though because I knew God would provide. And He did.

Not what I thought I needed… Not cell phone coverage. Or mountain lion eyeballs. Or combustible sticks.

But what He knew was really important… a color tv with TiVo.




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