Photo of the Day- 14march2009



Irashai Mase Please Wait

This is the most specific restaurant hostess station sign ever.

We ate at Sekisui tonight and when we walked in we saw this sign at the hostess stand. I don’t know who “Irashai Mase” is, but apparently he needs to wait to be seated.

white-box32We on the other hand were seated right away. It was awkward… the hostess didn’t come to the hostess stand she just motioned us from halfway across the restaurant to come to her.

We did and she took us to a table, which was two feet from where she was standing. On one hand it was kind of rude, on the other I can appreciate her efficiency.  She was going to walk right back there anyway so why should she walk over to us and then walk right back where she was… why not just wave us over.

I mean, it’s not like we were Irashai Mase.


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