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I am going to bed early tonight. No for real. Seriously.

I am going to bed tonight before midnight. I am going to ly down in bed and I am going to turn off all the lights and turn off the tv and go to sleep before midnight.

For real.

But before I do I thought I would throw together a Quick Blog.

– – – – –


Disagreements: Milk.

Ashley: Milk is gross and nasty and people should never drink it.

Kevin: Milk is delicious and does a body good!

Ashley: Kevin, humans are the only living things that drink milk after infancy!

Kevin: That’s not true, we are just the only species that advertise it on billboards.

Ashley: Okay, let’s just agree to disagree.

Kevin: Why don’t we just agree that I am right.

Ashley: You are an idiot.

Kevin: Agreed.

– – – –


Today I saw a girl walking at UTC in the POURING rain with a flip flop on one foot and one of those boot casts on the other. She had to be walking to a class where she was doing a presentation on the worst possible footwear for stepping in puddles.

If so, she definitely got an A.

If not, she is going to be a horrible grown up.

– – – –


I stole toilet paper from work today. I justify this in the following ways:

1) I haven’t had toilet paper for 2 days… you can only go next door to use the bathroom so often before they start catching on that you aren’t really there to visit.

2) It is not very soft toilet paper.

3) It is one of those big rolls that won’t fit on my toilet paper roll holder.

4) I mentioned 2 days ago that I was out of toilet paper and NONE of you brought me any, so this is kind of your fault.

5) You now know about this so you are an accessory…

hahaha… SUCKA!

Seriously, you had better keep your mouth shut!

– – – –


Also I accidentally stole my Senior Picture from Olan Mills in high school.

I had it in my locker for 2 months to give it back to them but they never came back to my school.

I just felt I should confess that to you also so that my conscience could be completely clear.

Plus I am pretty sure the statute of limitations on cheesy school pictures is probably up.

– – – –


I have a 365 Day Stephen Colbert calendar on my desk. It has different funny things on it every day, I really like it.




Sometimes it gets a little racy. I work at a church and it is on my desk inside the church so if it gets racy, I edit it to make it acceptable.

For example, January 15th got a little racy.

But I edited it and made it better.




Anyway, I was thinking today that I think I might want to put out my own calendar one day and I was thinking that for today I would have written.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Kevin K Lewis on…

Mondays and Science


I can’t wait for science to come up with the technology that allows them to turn days of the week into people so I can punch Monday in the face.


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One Response to “Quick Blog”

  1. John Your Old Boss Says:

    Hey, next time you talk to Ashley, tell her this:

    Human beings are also the only living things that talk. Or write. Or walk upright on two legs. Or drive cars. Or date. Or get married. Or go to College. Or go to church. Or help other human beings read and do their homework.

    Tell her that if she is going to give up milk, she should just be consistent and give up ALL those other things. Personally, I can’t wait to see her try to walk without being upright on two legs…

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