Photo of the Day- 17march2009


Thank You For Being A Friend

St Patrick’s Day is Hope Poe’s favorite holiday. She likes it more than Christmas, more than her birthday, more than Groundhog’s day, and she is not even Irish.

She’s Mississipian.

But she really likes it so her husband Chad Poe makes a big deal about it. By throwing surprise St Patrick’s Day parties at my house.

The Poe’s are geniuses. Hope for making St Patrick’s Day her favorite holiday so that she gets to have a surprise party, and Chad for tricking me into having that party at my house.

There are M&M’s all under my stove, green cheese dip in my refridgerator, and shamrock confetti covering every other square inch of my house.

But, and maybe this is just the green cupcakes talking, we had a blast. We planned the coolest St Patrick’s Day party (that included a baby) in the history of Ireland.

Check out baby Shepherd in his giant green bowtie.

St Patrick himself would be impressed.




We played games that we made up this afternoon when we should have been working. One game we made up about 4 minutes before we played it. It was our own Irish version of Hungry, Hungry Hippo, something we called “Lucky Leprechaun”. It involved spoons, blindfolds, and lots of M&Ms.

It was a big hit with the girls, they played it about 17 times. We also played a game we called “Luck of the Irish”. It involved chocolate dipped drumsticks. The drumsticks were three different flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate Swirl, and Mint.

If you got a vanilla or chocolate swirl you got a delicious ice cream treat. If you got a mint drumstick, you won the prize pack, made up of prizes I pulled from my junk drawer while Chad took the wrappers off the drumsticks.

Included in the prize pack: a sour apple sucker, giant sunglasses, a new year’s eve noisemaker, 5 limes, a 2 liter of gingerale, a Thank You card you could fill out for Chad to thank him for making the party happen, and a CD copy of The Golden Girls theme song.

As you can see, Emily won.



I know what you are thinking… Are you guys available to plan a surprise party for my wife’s favorite holiday?

Sure, this party can easily be adaptable to Flag Day, Columbus Day, or Summer Solstice among many others. Just give us a call and we’ll come a running.

Seriously, we can rock a random holiday surprise party.



With our eyes closed…


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