Photo of the Day- 18march2009




So I got married at church tonight.


Yup, I was pretty surprised too. I hadn’t expected it, my grandma wasn’t even there, but I got married nonetheless. I think it is pretty official, there were candles involved.

What makes it even more weird is that Mrs Liz… yeah, MRS Liz is that she is… already MARRIED!

I’m still processing this, more to come later.


UPDATE: I just talked to Brother Bill and found out “the wedding” was just an illustration and that it was in no way legally binding or in any way real.

I felt better… until I remembered the candles. “What about the candles?” I said. “Doesn’t that mess up the pretend?”

“No,” he said, “Candles only making you older, they don’t make you married.”

“Make you older?” I questioned.

“Yeah,” he said, “Haven’t you noticed how you don’t stick burning candles into anything besides a birthday cake?… that’s what makes you older, the candles. It has something to do with carbon monoxide.”

“I can’t argue with that,” I said.

– – –

So I am not married, and no one is more relieved than my grandma.

Well, maybe Mrs Liz…


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