Photo of the Day- 19march2009


I haven’t seen a beating like that since…

The UTC Mocs played the UCONN Huskies today, and I don’t want to ruin this for anyone who has it dvr’d… but they got drilled. Hammered. Trounced. Pummeled. Crushed. Mauled. Pounded. Thrashed. Flogged. Walloped.

They were just flat out beaten… 103-47.

It was pretty uncomfortable to watch. I haven’t seen a beating like that since…



That Thrashers Hockey Game in 2007.

We were in Atlanta for a Guy’s Getaway and we went to a Thrashers hockey game. The game was fun, the Thrashers won by several goals and we, a group of about 30 sons and dads, had a blast with our nachos and our ice cream and of course our thundersticks.

At the very end of the 3rd period we decided we would sneak out early so we could beat the crowd. We were gathered in the atrium near the concession stands and restrooms when someone thought it would be a good idea for us to re-enact the fight we had just witnessed on the ice.

Before long the guys had pulled the back of my shirt up over head and were pummeling me with their thundersticks.

For at least a minute they went to town on me with their thundersticks. They whaled on me. Hammered me. Trounced me. Pummeled me. Crushed me. Mauled me. Pounded me. Thrashed me. Flogged me. Walloped me.

And then, because we are guys, we all laughed and started pounding each other with the thundersticks and then abruptly stopped and started walking out of the arena like we weren’t the weirdest people there.

On the way out Kenny, Reilly, and I crossed paths with a black woman carrying 3 thundersticks with a GIANT smile on her face.

We smiled at her and she stopped me and said, “Hey, they looked like they were having fun, can I hit you with my thundersticks?”

I said, “Sure.” and pulled the back of my shirt up over my head and she thumped on me laughing the whole time.

It started to go on for a while and probably got a little out of hand but instead of stepping in to help me, the guys too this picture.


Do you have your own examples? When was the last time you witnessed a beating like that?

And remember, it’s like Jeopardy!… you have to start your example with “I haven’t seen a beating like that since…”

I look forward to hearing your examples.




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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 19march2009”

  1. Zach Says:

    I haven’t seen a beating like that since I listened to Brother Bill beat down Chad and Kevin over lunch at BWW.

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