Photo of the Day- 21march2009


Super Mario Brothers

Today Charlie, Ed, and I went to fix a leaking pipe at Jeff and Jill’s new house.  We are not plumbers per se, but we figured if Mario and Luigi could do it, then surely we could do it.

We had our check list:

Tools? Check.
Parts? Check.
Plumber’s crack? Check.


Charlie wore overalls. I pointed out that there was almost no way to have plumber’s crack with overalls and that if that in some way hindered us from fixing the leak that I WOULD throw him under the bus with the Jeff and Jill.

He said, “I’m a carpenter.”

And I said, “Well obviously, I mean, I can’t see your butt crack at all.”

I should mention that Charlie is 75 and is glimpse of what I am hope to be in a few more decades: Awesome.

And a carpenter.  (but with plumber’s crack)



We took this picture while we were working. We had time because Ed did most of the work. But Charlie and I, along with Jeff’s dad, were there to supervise when necessary.




I think at this point Charlie is saying, “Ed, I don’t mean to pry or sound bossy, but are you sure you are doing that right… your butt crack is not showing at all…”


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