Ridiculous Videos. LOTS of ridiculous videos for your viewing pleasure…

March (Movie) Madness

Are you tired of all your coworkers spending their time watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament? Do you feel jipped because they spent 99% of their Thursday and Friday checking scores on their iPhones and sneaking off to the break room to watch March Madness on CBS?

Well, check back here tomorrow to see what kind of video ridiculous I have found for you so that you too can waste time at work too!


NOTE: If you have, or know of any funny or ridiculous videos you would like me to include and share with everyone, please email me at


Before we go, here is a fun video that you might or might not have seen yet…

It is the News Lady Stomping Grapes:





Hahahaha! I know it might make me a bad person, but I just love that video. Check back again tomorrow afternoon for more videos that will hopefully entertain you and make you laugh, or at least be better than working.

See ya!


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