Photo of the Day- 24march2009


Today Bill Mack and I did hospital visits together. We are considered the “crazy people” on staff so having us go together was… not the best idea. Kind of like sending me and John and Chad to the funeral home together.

Needless to say we were most likely going to do something inappropriate.

Not like punch a doctor in the face or push an old lady down the stairs, but say or do something inappropriate. Most likely in the lobby. Or in the elevator. Or in the hallway.

For example:




You probably shouldn’t make Doctor’s Outfits available to just anyone.

Seriously, there has got to be a room somewhere with a lock on it where they could keep this.

I found this and put it on and I made Bill Mack call me doctor.

Aaaand then I went into several rooms and wrote up orders  on their charts. Mostly it was for more jello, but I did dismiss one patient and on one person’s chart I wrote “massage feet every hour for the next 4 hours” and I scribbled my initials.

Being a doctor is awesome.


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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 24march2009”

  1. Cicely Says:

    ….Did you actually do that stuff?…Isn’t that, like, against the law? Oooh! Living dangerously!! I get it now!

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