Website de Jour

That means “Website of the Day”… or it might be something about soup, I’m not really sure, but I do know that when I see it at restaurants it usually involves “soups” and “days”.  So I might be saying “Website of the Soup” but either way, here is a website I think you should check out…


The Website de of the Soup


white-box50 is a website started up by a buddy of  mine Mr Phil Brangers. (That’s pronounced just like “Mr Bojangles”)

Mr Phil Brangers is owner, operator, and CEO of Offbrand Media an international design conglomerate. Over the past few weeks he has spent some of his spare time and energy launching this new website he created…

It is in its infancy and will eventually rival sites like Facebook and YouTube and

Take a moment and check out this Website of Soup Today de Jour by clicking on Mr Phil Branger’s face below…




Today’s entry is “Please Don’t Knock on the Restroom Door” by one George Carter.

It is hilarious and should be read by all.

Knock… I mean CLICK on the bathroom door below and check it out. (and check out my related/unrelated BLOG of a comment afterwards)





My BLOG of a comment as it appears on….


I’m with you about the knocking on the bathroom door thing. But I am a fan of awkward, normally I will say, “Come in,” when they knock… which confuses them, and makes me laugh.

another similar situation is the dressing room.

one day a couple of years ago i went to my mom to jcpenney’s… not sure how she tricked me into this, but she did. she saw a couple of outfits she liked (that’s what mom’s call clothes… “outfits”) and she wanted to try them on. penney’s had a chair right outside the dressing rooms in the dressing room atrium, that was back when jcpenney’s was still fancy, and i was sitting there.

my mom was trying on clothes and coming out each time to see what i thought. what i thought was, “i want to go home, this is ridiculous, why did i agree to come here with her and WHY did i not drive myself!!!” but i would always say, “oh, looks nice” because i figured any other response might make her want me to get her another outfit, or try something in another size. so i always said, “oh, looks nice.”

somewhere about 15, 20 minutes in, i am sitting there in the dressing room atrium chair trying to calculate in my head just how far it would be to walk to my house from there at the mall. 16.2 miles is what i came up with, and about 10 minutes later i was seriously considering it when i was bumped out of my trance by a woman walking into the dressing room area with at least half of the clothes in the “plus sized” section stepped on my toe.

she didn’t say she was sorry, assuming i was probably just a manaquin because i hadn’t really moved in a few minutes, but still, she should have said sorry, even to a manaquin.

she proceeded in towards the dressing room and noticing that all the doors were closed she started knocking away.

knock, knock.

— someone’s IN HERE!

onto the next dressing room door.

knock, knock.


onto the next dressing room door.

knock, knock.


(that lady was extra paranoid)

aaand then she got to my mom’s dressing room door.

knock, knock.

— Who is it?

“WHO IS IT??????”

my mom said, “who is it?” like the dressing room door was her front door and she was expecting someone delivering flowers or something. like if the lady with an armful of “plus sized” sundresses would have said, “it’s me, suzie” my mom would have opened the door and said, “well, come on in, i’ve just made some brownies, come on in and i’ll make some coffee.”

Who is it???

Ridiculous. And that was the last time i went shopping with my mom.


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2 Responses to “Website de Jour”

  1. John your Old Boss Says:

    “That means “Website of the Day”… or it might be something about soup, I’m not really sure, but I do know that when I see it at restaurants it usually involves “soups” and “days”. So I might be saying “Website of the Soup” but either way, here is a website I think you should check out…”

    Then, by your reasoning, “Soup de jour” would mean “Soup of the Soup.” Is that like “King of Kings?” Or, “Lord of Lords?” If so, that would be awesome! I am going to go to Souper Salad and ask for “Soup of the Soup.”

  2. Debbi Says:

    This blog about your mom in the Jc Penny’s bathroom…seriously, thats what I needed today. I literally have tears streaming down my face! HILARIOUS!

    I am Hope Poe’s cousin by the way and I internet stalk you. :-) Not really, I think Chad is hilarious and I started reading your stuff when you put pictures of my adorable cousin in them. I wish I could come out and vote April 9th. Good luck with that!

    Debbi Holt

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