Photo of the Day- 27march2009



Who’s Your Daddy?


Today Twinkie and Christy had their baby boy which they named “Peyton Luke” but whom we will probably call “Twinkie Junior” from this day forth.

I know what you are thinking Christy… No. No you are NOT going to call him Twinkie Junior. No. You are going to call him Peyton, I named him Peyton and you are going to call him Peyton.

I usually don’t like to take you all with me when I time travel because it makes the time travel minivan very crowded but just this once I would like to take you all with me as we Flash Forward 7 years…




7 years in the future…

“Peyton” Twinkie Junior is playing in the backyard as Christy fixes dinner. Dinner is ready and Christy goes to the backdoor to call him in to dinner…

Christy: Peyton… dinner is ready.

“Peyton” Twinkie Junior continues to play.

Christy: Peeyyton… dinner.

“Peyton” Twinkie Junior continues to play.


“Peyton” Twinkie Junior continues to play.

Christy: PEEEEEEEYYYYYYY… Twinkie Junior…din–

Twinkie Junior: Coming mom.




Present Day

I can only make that joke now while Christy is still in the wonderful glowful euforia that is childbirth (epidural), when she gets to church next week this joke will not be nearly as funny.


Oh, And One More Thing…

This week on Oh, And One More Thing… I would like to talk about the picture of Me and Twinkie.

The “baby” we are holding is actually a stuffed duck. “Peyton” Twinkie Junior was only about 42 minutes old at the time so we thought it would be best if his stuntman stood in for the picture instead.

Which turned out to be a good idea because we decided it would be funny if we tossed “Peyton” Twinkie Junior back and forth and got it on video.

Check out the video HERE

Also, notice how Twinkie has a shirt on that says “Who’s Your Daddy?”. Normally a fun and clever t-shirt, but today, on the day of the birth of his son… well, it seems a little cruel to me. I mean, the first thing his son sees after the nurse says “Here, let me introduce you to your daddy…” is this guy holding him with a t-shirt that says “Who’s Your Daddy?”… that has to be confusing…

He has just come from the most safe and wonderful place in the whole world, his mama’s belly (a stork for my young readers), and now he is thrust into this crazy world and into the arms of the one guy who is supposed to know everything and the first thing he sees is that he doesn’t.

The only thing worse would be if Twinkie shows up tomorrow wearing a shirt that says “What Day Is It?” or “Where Am I?”


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