The Funniest Human in Chattanooga Contest


I know a lot of you are my Facebook friends and have already heard about this, but my grandma does not have Facebook so I wanted to put this on here so she could see it…




The Funniest Human in Chattanooga???


Note: I realize that I am probably not the funniest human in Chattanooga but still it will be cool to get a Certificate of Participation…


Thursday April 9th I will be competing in a contest called Chattanooga’s Funniest Human Contest.

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

I will answer the last question first: How?

I won a contest called The Funniest Human in Kevin’s House Contest last month and that qualified me for the BIG contest, Chattanooga’s Funniest Human Contest.

When? Thursday, April 9, 2009 at 8pm.

(Doors will open one hour to show time so get there early to get a good seat.)


At The Comedy Catch on Brainerd Road in Chattanooga, TN.

Tickets: $10

(Tickets available online at … by calling 423.629.2233 … or you can go by the box office before or on the day of the show -NOTE: THERE IS LIMITED SEATING!!)


Me and approximately some other number of people (I don’t actually know… 10 or 15 I think) will compete for 3 spots in the finals which will take place in May.


It is a contest to see who is the Funniest Human in Chattanooga. I know it seems obvious, but I just wanted to clarify that it wasn’t some oddly named quilting contest.

I really hope you can be there to support me. The contest is set up similarly to American Idol in that there are 3 celebrity judges, one being the owner of The Comedy Catch, one being Paula Abdul, and one being another notable celebrity such as Paul Barys, the coolest weatherman alive.

(It probably won’t be Paul but I had to take the chance to schmooz a possible celebrity judge.)

The celebrity judges will not have all the power, the audience actually consists of 50% of the vote. The audience will watch all the comedians and then at the end they will vote on their top 3 and then the people with the most votes will be combined with the judges’ choices, and the Top 3 will proceed to the finals.

The more of you who come, the more chance I have of winning, providing I am funny of course. If I am not funny, you do not have to vote for me. This, of course, does not apply to those of you within my Circle of Trust, you will be expected to vote for me even if I pass out and pee my pants while on stage.

I hope to see you all there. Any questions feel free to message me or call me on my cellular device 423.243.6536.

– – –



I am doing another one hour charity comedy special called Kevin K Lewis: When I’m President on April 18th at Ridgedale Baptist Church with 100% of the Proceeds going to Relay For Life and The American Cancer Society.

NOTE: It will probably be more than an hour, I am not so good at staying at an hour.

– – –

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT in control of what other comedians might say at The Comedy Catch. They may say cuss words. Vulgar things. They may say bad things about your momma, I don’t know, I am NOT in control of what they will say.

I just wanted you to know that so that you were not caught by surprise. As always, I will not say cuss words, vulgar things, or anything bad about your momma.

See Ya April 9th!!!


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