Hey guys!


I appreciate that you are supporting me on this mission of becoming “The Funniest Human in Chattanooga”… something I hope is just one more step in attaining my dream of being the guy in the backseat of those Sonic commercials.

But you HAVE to get tickets SOOOON! There are a limited number of tickets and I would hate for you not to be there mainly because I am going to mention your name on stage, yes YOUR name.

Tickets are only 10 bucks American or 2 for $20.


NOTE: At this time, you cannot get them online so you need to get them directly from the box office.


You can go by The Comedy Catch Box Office on Brainerd Road (for directions  HERE) or you can call at 423-629-2233

Any questions you can call me on my cellular device at 423-243-6536.

I would LOVE to pack the audience out because remember, YOU are the judges, YOU vote, so YOU can help me WIN!

Plus, seriously, for money, I WILL mention your name and/or company in a joke.


ie: The other day I was at Claydough’s Pizza and…

Wait, I was just told that is against the rules.

Too bad. What’s funny is, the other day I was eating delicious pizza at Claydough’s and Greg Gray from Varsity Sports said, “Rules are made to be broken.” and I said, “No Greg, rules is rules man… rules is rules.”

So, you know, I can’t break that rule.


Okay, well just wanted to let you know about the tickets. Hope to see you there!


Kevin K Lewis


NOTE: You MUST be 18 to attend this show. Sorry, that’s The Comedy Catch rule, not mine.

What’s funny is, the other day I was eating delicious pizza at Claydough’s and… just kidding!


ALSO: Don’t forget on April 18th I am doing a fundraiser for Relay for Life and American Cancer Society “Kevin K Lewis: When I’m President” at Ridgedale Baptist Church where ALL ages are welcome.



info at http://kevinthecoolguy.com/when-im-president/


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