Photo of the Day- 06april2009


Today I found a “SECURITY” cap before staff meeting and I felt the need to go around flashing my badge and playing security guard.

My “badge” was my duct tape wallet with my “don’t suffocate babies in rubbermaid containers” sticker so I think it kind of limited my scope of authority.

It probably didn’t help that I didn’t have a gun, but instead used the “light saber” app on my iPhone as my weapon of choice.


Staff meeting did get better though. For example, I helped explain a biblical principal by using an episode of MacGyver. And then I suggested we get Richard Dean Anderson (aka MacGyver) to come speak one Sunday morning.


Aaaaaaaaaaand, that’s what ministers do all day.


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4 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 06april2009”

  1. rmbutler Says:

  2. rmbutler Says:

    Week of sharks?

  3. Amy Martin Says:

    I don’t go to church all that often, but if McGyver’s coming I’ll be there with bells on!!! And my trusty red pocket knife!

  4. Cicely Says:

    Are you kidding?? Suffocating babies with Rubbermaid containers is so much fun!!!…….just kiddin’! April Fools!!!!

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