Photo of the Day- 07april2009


Eco Ed

Today John Lemons and I went to The Chattanooga Eco Expo to get eco educated. We met lots of cool eco people, saw lots of cool eco products, and I got my picture with the coolest eco Ed Beagley, Jr.white-box9



He is my eco hero! I love to watch his show “Living with Ed” that was on Discovery Channel and now comes on Planet Green. He goes to the extreme with his greenness and tries to inspire (convince) you (and his wife) to do the same.

The only problem I have with Ed is his name. I mean I appreciate how he has shortened his name from “Edward” to “Ed” but I am not sure how I feel about the “Jr”… I mean at this point are we really getting him confused with his father?


John: I saw that show with Ed Beagley in it… what was it?

Emily: Oh, I think I know what you are talking about… wait, Ed Beagley, Sr or Ed Beagley, Jr?

Me: St Elsewhere… the answer is St Elsewhere.


Seriously, we don’t need the “Jr” anymore, so, Ed, go even greener and drop the “Jr”…

I’m pleading with you… under the light of a low watt compact fluorescent twist bulb… on a computer recharged with a potato… sitting in a thrift store recliner… please, please, please drop the “Jr”.


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3 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 07april2009”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Boy, Ed Begley (no Jr.) sure is tall.

  2. Cicely Says:

    ….The picture never showed up! So Sarah, I’m takin’ your word for it that Ed Beagley is tall.

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