My Ultimate Birthday Gift…


Well, my birthday is Monday April 13th… and according to Facebook I am going to be 98. I have compiled a list of what you could get me for this milestone birthday…


Chacos. I would really LOVE some Chacos. I have always wanted some but never have gotten any.

Photoshop. I have been working with “Paint” for far too long, it’s getting kind of ridiculous.

Wireless Router. Seriously, I am plugged into the internet via a 5 ft ether cord. I am a GROWN UP, I need to go wireless again in my home!

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing! Really, it is my favorite and it is good ANYTIME!

Jeans. I REALLY need a new pair of jeans, mine are getting raggedy.

And then there’s Turtleman, Jesco White, and The West Virginia Ninja… those dudes in my life… that would be too cool.


And I could go on and on with things that I “want” but I don’t really “need” anything so what I think would be cool is if you guys came together to get me one big, giant amazing present:


No More Cancer.


Cancer has affected ALL of our lives, our families, our friends, coworkers, maybe even you yourself have battled with cancer and won! It is nasty and it has not spared any of us, we all have our own cancer stories. I would like for us to come together and help add another chapter to the cancer story called “The Cure”.

I realize that “The Cure” is a weird band in the 80’s that wore makeup so we will probably have to call our chapter something else, but you get the point! I know it is a big gift, but if we all come together we can make it happen.

Here’s how…


*As many of you know I am doing a fundraiser for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society this coming Saturday April 18th at Ridgedale Baptist Church. There is a link on my website as well as on a Facebook Event Page with a link to the Relay for Life online donation page. You can donate one dollar or a million.

On My Webiste:

Facebook Event Page:


*A friend of mine Mollie who is raising money for cancer research, specifically Breast Cancer. You can go to this page: and donate in her name.

She is also doing a 3 day, 60 mile walk in the fall that you can sponsor.


*You can go to ( that is a cancer fundraiser you might have seen on tv a few months ago with celebrities asking you to give to cancer research. If you would rather give money to cancer research because Jack from LOST wants you to, there’s a video on the website you can watch.


*You can go to American Cancer Society’s homepage:

and give till your heart is content.


*Times are tough, if you don’t have any extra income, you can still help in the following ways:

Hug an old lady with Breast Cancer.

Bring a child with Leukemia ice cream.

Take your uncle who is recovering from Colon Cancer bowling.

Anything, whatever you can do.


That is what I want for my birthday. If you do that, I promise, promise, promise I will get you whatever you want for you birthday!

Except I will NOT take you to see the Hannah Montana movie. Sorry.



Kevin K Lewis


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