Photo of the Day- 12april2009


I only knocked over two kids while hunting Easter Eggs this afternoon!

Allow me to explain…

So today was Easter, and as usual, the Davis’s had an Easter Egg Hunt. I normally participate but I thought I would pass this year.

Until I heard there were more prize eggs than normal.

“Prize Eggs” are little plastic eggs with money in them.

Being poor like I am, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make a little extra cash. Sooooo, I grabbed my Easter Basket and ran to the starting line.




Two things. 1) My Easter Basket was HUUUUUGE because I was expecting to do well. 2) Yes, that cute little 2 year old girl in the back was one of my “competitors”.

And when Kent said “GO!”… we WENT!



A grown man racing kids across a field while carrying a GIANT basket…

Reason #321 Why I’m Not Married Yet.



The hunt started out pretty intensely, we were searching all around trying to see as many eggs without giving away they were there. Common mistake of Easter Egg hunting is showing excitement in the direction of eggs.

Easter Egg Hunting Tip: You can show excitement, you just need to strategically be looking in the opposite direction of the eggs when you do it.


As the hunt went on my basket got heavy so I set it down to grab a couple more. Kendall thought it would be a good time to sneak over and snatch a couple of my eggs.



But I boxed her out!


All and all I did pretty well! So well that I needed Julie to help me carry my basket full of goodies back to the house.



We skipped because it was fun.


Not Pictured: Most of the kids present.


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