Photo of the Day- 13april2009




Slightly To The Left


My grandma randomly sent this picture to me in the mail today. It is a picture of me on my first birthday with my mom, my dad, and my sister. We are all looking to the left, except my dad, which made me think of this joke from my favorite comedian of all time,  whom I got to see in person FRONT ROW a few years ago for my birthday, Mitch Hedberg:


“I have two sisters, one of them’s named Wendy and she thinks I’m weird. But she’s weird, cause she has a husband and two children and they have a family photo on top of their vcr, where they’re all looking slightly to the left, as though something’s going on over there. The camera is right in front of you! but I guess something happened to the left that made everybody happy. Except my sister’s cross-eyed so she can’t quite pull it off–one eye is right on.”


That is really funny if you can hear him say it.

Or if your sister is cross-eyed.


NOTE: Coming tomorrow…. My Birthday in Pictures


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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 13april2009”

  1. Sister-Sledge Says:

    Aww! I am ADORABLE!!! Look how chubby we both were! Mama always says we were NEVER chubby, but look! Either that or the camera added 10 lbs. hmmmm?! I love the way grandma randomly sends pictures in the mail, usually w/ no note or card attached, just the pictures. She’s funny!! Well, I can’t wait to see your birthday pictures (OLD man!)! haaa! Love you!

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