Photo of the Day- 14april2009





Tonight Ashley and I walked around UTC hanging up flyers about Saturdays Fundraiser for Relay for Life comedy show.

Our basic strategy:

Hang up a flyer everywhere there was a “WHILD PEACH” poster. They are an OutKast Kover Band.

We figured “WHILD PEACH” and Kevin K Lewis fans were one and the same. I mean, people who like Outkast Kover Bands love a good laugh. Apparently.

They are people who throw caution into the whind, without a care in the whorld, they are whacky and whonderful and whealthy and whise.


And whild. They are SUPER whild.


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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 14april2009”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Jason and I were once 2 of 6 total people at a “Purple Reign” concert. (A Prince kover band.) It was probably the most fun I have had at a concert . . . ever. We even had our picture made with “Prince” afterwards. How very Kevin K. Lewis of us.

    BTW- IT WAS FREE! (and still only 6 people came)

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